The following events, scheduled for the Spring semester of 2018, address varied themes related to this project. With the exception of course visits, these events are free and open to the public.

Wed., April 25 | Public Lecture + Roundtable | 3:30-5:15 pm | Bld. 37
Center for Arts and Humanities (CAH), American University of Beirut | Event is free and open to the general public

See flyer below for more details:portraitureproject.jpg

Fall 2018 (date TBA) | EXHIBITION: “Facing Pages: Author Portraits from the Enlightenment to the Nahda
Jafet Library Lobby, American University of Beirut | Event is free and open to the general public

The exhibition will consist of authors’ portraits found in printed books and manuscripts dating from the 1700s early 20th century. The majority of these items are held at AUB’s Archives and Special collections, with a few objects coming from local private collections. The materials on display will also include photographs and paintings, such as examples of studio portraits and icons, of authors as a way to further explore the shifting notions of authorship and the image of the author during these periods in the Ottoman Levant as the region went through complex socio-political changes.

Some of the items to be displayed include: an 18th century manuscript copy of a gospel from Mount Lebanon; photographs of professionals and intellectuals, such as this one of the American missionary Dr. George Post operating at in Syrian Protestant College’s medical program; an printed portraits of intellectuals that became increasingly popular in 19th-century literary-scientific journals like al-Muqtataf (the Selections), like this one of Isaac Newton.